Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hilarious experience at a temple in India

We went on a field trip to a temple in India.  We climbed 400 steps to reach it, but it was an easy climb.  The view at the top was spectacular.  It was truly God's county - a nature lover's paradise.  Then the most hysterical thing happened.  There was a little opening into the temple and people were pushing and shoving.  It was like a rock concert multiplied by 10.  You could barely stay upright during this tidal wave of people.  Then we saw dieties inside and were shoved with a stick by the security.  Crazy, exciting, fun and definitely a unique experience. 

Story of Ganesha - an incredible deity and my favorite

Ganesha is the son of Shiva and Davi.  He was supposed to be guarding his mother and so he didn't let his father in while his mom was taking a bath (Ganesha didn't know it was his dad).  As a result, Shiva decapitated Ganesha.  Once he found out it was his son, Shiva gave Ganesha an elephant head.  He is the most fun of all the deities.  He loves to eat and play games just like a little kid.  He also destroys any obstacles in our lives so he is a real gem to believe in, worship and enjoy.

I am flying...such liberation

I am in India during the Living Enlightenment program and during a levitation meditation, I actually felt like I was flying.  My arms were expanded, my legs went up in the air.  I rolled off the mat and bent down for take-off.  It was the most liberating experience.  The energy in the body is so intense it just pulls you wherever and whenever it wants to.  It was so exciting.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spiritual Growth

I have always believed in God, but I must admit sometimes I was skeptical about his true existence.  Nithyananda has led me on a spiritual path to embrace not only him but all Gods.  I even joined a Unity Church which is non-denominational.  I now see the God in everyone and everything.  It is a beautiful and inspirational feeling.  I am also totally at peace in my life.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Spiritual Growth

I have never been religious, but I have always been a seeker.  Swamiji changed my thinking.  I now believe in all existential energy and realize there are so many Gods.  They are all compassionate, loving, and peaceful.  Every person and thing is God and I now see God everywhere I look.  It is incredible!  So many miracles have occurred in my life and I thank Swamiji since he is in human form and I could relate to him well.  Not everybody has a connection with Swamiji so go to youtube and watch one of his 600 discourses and see if you have a connection.  If you do, it will be the greatest blessing in your entire life.

Emotional Healing

I must say that problems occur in my life, but I am able to handle them so easily and that is due to Swamiji.  His meditations create a sense of peace and inner well being.  At one point I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and wanted to commit suicide.  Life Bliss sent my friend an email that changed my life.  Swamiji said in the email a seed has to rupture before it could sprout and grow into a tree.  Those words showed me you have to hit rock bottom before you could achieve higher level consciousness.  It was an incredible revelation.  Thank you Swamiji.

Physiological Healing

When I was 2 yo according to my parents, I stepped on a heating unit on the floor in our apartment.  I stood on the unit until my mother came.  The trauma caused my toes to be totally stiff.  They never bent and I didn't realize until 3 years ago that people's toes actually bent.  After the Inner Awakening program conducted by Nithyananda, I could now bend my toes.  Also, I had a growth above my ankle which enlarged over the years to the size of a golf ball.  I never went to the doctor so I don't have a diagnosis.  All I know is after the Inner Awakening program it idssapated to the point where it is almost non-existent.